Our Story

Our Story

The unique story of Polish Design

The story of Polish design has never had a chance to be told properly. Until now…

We are a furniture company that brings back the masterpieces of Polish mid-century design. Icons that have been abandoned for political reasons, and never had the chance to be presented outside of the Soviet sphere of influence. Here is the story of our Concept.

  • 1962

    366 Concept Our values nature care cultural heritage chierowski

    This is when everything started. Our name comes from our flagship product – The 366 Armchair. Designed in 1962 by Jozef Chierowski, it was the most popular piece of Polish mid-century furniture. Read more…

  • 1989


    The nationwide movement of Solidarity breaks the communism in Poland and starts the revolution in all Eastern Europe finished with collapsing of Soviet Union. Most of the state owned industries go bankrupt. Great designs are abandoned and forgotten for many years.

  • Second life

    Second life

    366 Concept acquires the licensing rights to the 366 Armchair and launches its reissue, based on the original drawings. The Legend is back! Read more…

  • Must Have 2015

    Must Have 2015

    366 Concept receives the 2015 Must Have Award at Łódź Design Festival – the largest design festival in Eastern Europe – for its reissue of 366 Armchair. Read more… 

  • Polish Design Stories

    Polish Design Stories

    366 Concept creates and hosts the exhibition Polish Design Stories at both Vienna Design Week and Łódź Design Festival, presenting the unique story of Polish design. Read more…

  • Monocle


    366 Concept is interviewed for the British magazine Monocle. It is very exciting, as Monocle is one of the leading industry magazines on current world trends in design and craftsmanship. Article was followed by interviews in Dwell and Dezeen, other design giants. 

  • The Design Museum London

    The Design Museum London

    366 Concept’s flagship 366 Armchair is selected for the opening exhibition of the Design Museum London – The Pan-European Living Room. The unknown Polish masterpiece becomes acknowledged Icon of European Design. Read more…

  • We start planting trees

    We start planting trees

    We start a program “One Tree” to support the nature. From now on, every time you click “buy”, we set out to plant a new tree. For future generations. Read more…