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Become Santa for the Mother Earth

Gift that will last forever
Do you want to do something good for Christmas? You don’t want to buy unnecessary gadgets for a gift? Think about a gift that will last forever. About a gift for you, future generations and Mother Earth. This year, give your loved ones a piece of forest!

How to participate in the fundraiser?
Join the fundraiser on Facebook for the next “Forest for Forever” – which is biodiverse and will never be cut down. By helping in this action, you are helping twice! For every penny you pay, 366 Concept will add another one.

How do I give “Forest for a Gift”?
After taking part in the fundraiser on Facebook, write to us in a private message (also on Facebook) asking for a certificate of your piece of “Forest for Forever”. We will send you a graphic that you can print and put in an envelope – this is how a symbolic Christmas gift will be created.

About the foundation “Forest for Forever”
The goal of the “Forest for Forever” Foundation is to return the land to nature and restore the biological balance on the Earth. To achieve this, they plant biodiverse forests that are to grow forever. When the forest is already under construction, it is protected against cutting down in ownership, social, formal and soon – also legally.

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