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Exhibition at the Climate Summit COP24

366 Concept - Fox Sofa & Fox Lounge Chairs at Exhibition at the Climate Summit COP24

During the Climate Summit COP24 organized in December 2018 in Katowice, the 366 Concept took part in the exhibition ECONOMIC INTELLIGENCE. Every day, each of us makes decisions that have a real impact on the environment, what we eat, what we wear, our habits and lifestyle create the everyday life in which we live. In times of ubiquitous consumerism,
we forgot about what is really important – our planet.
Instead of using low-quality products whose production contributes to environmental pollution, we can consciously choose products that will be an alternative to the “toxic” world.

Fox Lounge Chair - Exhibition at the Climate Summit COP24 2018

Fox Series

Fox Lounge ChairDeco Jungle
Exhibition at the Climate Summit COP24 - 366 Concept Furniture

Fox Series

Fox SofaFox Lounge Chairs

During the exhibition, the products and innovative technologies of Polish manufacturers were presented, starting with natural building, innovative materials, to the design of “slow life”, focused on ecological awareness. The exhibition encourages reflection on what is really important. 366 Concept has participated in this event presenting furniture produced
in harmony with nature.

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