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Facts about 366 Armchair

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Armchair Model 366, by Józef Chierowski, 1962, revived by 366 Concept, 2014

The 366 Armchair is an icon of Polish design. The seat is small, comfortable, lightweight, durable and aesthetic. This armchair perfectly met the needs of customers in the '60s and meets them today. It is no coincidence that it was sold in more than half a million copies and has not left the production lines for more than 20 years.

In 2014 the company 366 Concept resumed the production of the armchair after over 30 years break under exclusive license to the design. To match the original seat the company designed a range of additions: rocking chair and junior version, settee, coffee tables and pillows.

Now the armchair designed by Joseph Chierowski is still appreciated in Poland and became one of the beloved armchair in Europe. Just after 1,5 years, it is offered by dozens of distributors all across EU: Germany, France, UK, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and even in Australia! It proves that good design is timeless.

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366 Concept Sesja Zorza 00030 - Facts about 366 Armchair

New 366 Armchair, produced by 366 Concept is a top quality product. It is made of solid ash wood, seasoned at least 7 year prior the production. It is offered in top quality stain-resistant fabrics. The seat is manufactured 100% in Poland, with attention to top quality and durability of materials used.
The new version of the chair was awarded in the competition Must Have 2015 by Lodz Design Festival (www.lodzdesign.com), what proves that good design is timeless.

Armchair 366 - facts:
- Design Joseph Chierowski, 1962
- In the years 60-80 produced in more than 500 000 copies
- Reissue under exclusive license - 366 Concept, 2014
- Available versions: armchair, rocking chair, two-seater
- Wood – top quality, hand-selected, solid ash, seasoned for min. 7 years prior to production
- We use only organic water-based varnishes
- Production 100% in Poland

Story of the chair

In the early 1960s, the Lower Silesian Furniture Factory in Świebodzice was severely damaged by fire. To resume production, the factory urgently needed to come up with new designs, which could be implemented on short notice. It was then that Chierowski, a young apprentice at the factory also working at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, proposed a prototype he had devised in his own workshop.

With its simple, lightweight construction and compact yet comfortable form, the armchair proved to be an immediate success. It furnished both private homes as well as public spaces, such as hospitals, community houses and offices. During more than 20 years of its production, more than half a million items were sold, and its copies were manufactured by smaller plants around the country.

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