What products are available immediately?

Available immediately are our bestsellers in a limited selection of fabrics and colours. These are: 366 Armchairs (Armchair and Rocking Chair), 366 Plus, 366 Metal and Fox series Lounge Chairs. The full list is available up on request.

How long do I have to wait for my order?

While ordering one of our bestselling items, which are available immediately, your order should be dispatched within 4-5 days. Custom made items take up to 4 weeks.

Is your furniture brand new?

Yes, all of them are brand new. We have exclusive copyrights for manufacturing furniture based on original project designed by Joseph Chierowski. We have ten specialists work on every chair.

Where is 366 Concept's furniture produced?

All furniture is manufactured in Poland. The legacy of Polish design is one of the foundations of 366 Concept. We work together with local suppliers and businesses to deliver to customers our exceptional furniture 100% made in Poland.

Can your furniture be made with fabric supplied by a customer?

Yes, please contact us and we will evaluate it individually. Please note that your order has to be of ten items or more.

Do you send fabric samples?

We can send fabric samples to our customers (for 10€) including up to 5 samples. Please contact us in order to personally select a sample.

Do you deliver outside European Union?

Yes. Please get in touch with us and we will send you an evaluation of a shipping cost.

Is it possible to collect in person?

Yes, it is. Please contact us.

I'm over 1.7 meters high. Which chair should I choose?

Our 366 PLUS was enlarged by 15% from the original version of the classic 366 chair. It had been developed with taller people in mind. This chair would be a perfect choice.

Are the fabrics stain resistant?

LOFT, VELVET and ECO LEATHER fabrics are stain resistant. For instance, they deal well with wine or coffee stains. All you need to do is act immediately. Maintenance & Fabric Care user manual can be downloaded here.

What is the strength of your fabrics?

All our fabrics are compliant with the European standards. They are very strong and durable. The LOFT, VELVET and ECO LEATHER fabrics are also stain resistant.