L’intemporel 200-190 Chair

366 Concept Mid Century Apartment 00015 - La Série 200-190


L’intemporel 200-190

The 200-190 Chair, designed in the 1960s, became an unquestionable Icon of Polish design thanks to its luxury and elegance. The upholstered chair’s light form, as well as the use of ash with brass details, give it an air of nobility and timelessness that continue to impress.
200-190 Chair became surprisingly popular even in the impoverished Poland of the 1960s. The key to such a success was the chair’s unique elegance and its sophisticated, inimitable style. 366 Concept reissued 200-190 and matched it with a set of bar stools, allowing the series to debut in bars and restaurants in its full splendor.


- disponible en tant que: chaise, tabouret de bar (S, M), banc
- en frêne massif avec finitions en laiton
- disponible pour contrat (norme passée: EN 16139)

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200-190 Chair

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