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of 366 Armchair

366 Concept Sesja Zorza 00028 1 - 366 Metal Series

366 Metal

Lost 366 Metal

After reissuing the wooden 366 Armchair, 366 Concept turned to 366 Metal, also designed by Chierowski in the 1960s, but one which had never been manufactured before. Now this forgotten design is seeing the light of day for the first time.
Lightweight, original and minimalist, it is available in different shades of metal, black to copper, to white. Perfect for a variety of interiors: from delicate Scandinavian to industrial lofts.


- available as: Armchair, Rocking Chair, Sofa, 2-Seater,
- designed in 1962, manufactured for the first time by 366 Concept
- made of metal, solid oak with wood finishing
- available for contract (norm passed: EN 16139)

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