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Hotel Les Bords de Mer: 366 Concept on an eternal holiday

In the oldest French city, France’s window on the Mediterranean world, our armchairs – Bunny and 366 – are stationed at the absolutely stunning boutique hotel Les Bords de Mer. We envy them every day for the eternal holiday they experience every day.

The property known as “Le Richelieu” is located in Marseille a short walk from the historic Old Port and was built in the 1930s. After many years, the existing building was not in a neglected state. In 2016, the property was purchased by Frédéric Biousse and Guillaume Foucher, a French duo who are boosting the hospitality industry. Thanks to a unique renovation designed by French design and architecture studio Yvann Pluskwa (AAYP), it has been returned to its former glory. Today, the white walls and tall windows evoke the memory of its elegant art deco heritage – one of the styles that was beloved by France during its heyday. And the old villa, after a renovation carried out in 2018, triumphs again by housing the contemporary hotel Les Bords de Mer.

Les Bords de Mer is a feeling of escape, a breath of air, an invitation to travel and discover an extraordinary city: Marseille.

Due to its coastal location, the main design problem the hotel faced was dealing with harsh weather conditions. The existing building had been damaged more than once by storm, wind and waves hitting its façade. The AAYP project aimed to repair this damage and also prevent future deterioration by removing, refining and reinforcing materials. In the interiors, the main objective of the renovation of the former design was to open up every space to stunning sea views to create a blurring of the boundaries between inside and outside. This effect was even achieved in the basement, where a fitness and spa area was created. To open it up to the sea, the rock was carved out with hand tools. The use of machines and the vibrations they can cause could weaken the construction.

The interiors of Les Bords de Mer are friendly, bright and full of furniture with character.

Sensational panoramic views stretching across the Mediterranean Sea and modern bright interiors furnished with iconic furniture and accessories. This is in a nutshell, but also describes the entire experience that Les Bords de Mer serves its guests. In addition to designs by world-renowned brands, the rooms are furnished with iconic armchairs by Józef Chierowski designed in the 1960s – Bunny and 366 – and finished with fabrics reminiscent of the Mediterranean from the Tweed collection in Mentos and Grey. And from the collections prepared for places full of life: Velvet in Sky Blue and the and Shine Velvet collection in Royal Blue. Why vibrant? Because our velvet fabrics are stain-resistant!


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