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366 Concept close

These colors are on top – Autumn 2019

200-190 Chairs Velvet Coll. Mustard & Red Brick in dining room in mid-century modern apartment

This fall we should feel comfortable in every red shade. In the current trends (seen at Maison et Objet Paris 2019) shades such as Merlot and Chilli Pepper are on top. The name Merlot is thought to derive from an Old French word meaning a young blackbird, merlot, a diminutive of merle, the blackbird, but most probably from the colour of the grape. It’s associated with elegance and royalty.
Chili Pepper is timeless. This colour was Pantone’s 2007 Colour of the Year and it’s still on top. Chili Pepper can be used to stimulate senses and, when paired with other warm colours such as yellow and red, can create a warm and invigorating palette.
Red shades similar to bronze are hot this season as well. Colours such as Red Brick and Sierra will be perfect considering their muffled tones, which fit every white/beige shade.

200-190 Chairs Velvet Coll. Red Brick in dining room in mid-century modern apartment

200-190 Chairs

200-190 ChairsWood 03
Marieta Zukowska sitting on 200-190 Bar Stools Velvet Coll. Red Brick

200-190 Bar Stool M

200-190 Bar Stool MWood 03

Olive can be combined with purples for a stunning composition. It also works well with bright blues and orange hues. It looks great with wood. We are obsessed about it and you should be too because it’s just timeless. Olive looks awesome in every season. It’s a universal choice for your interior and wardrobe. Olive is a core color for Mid-Century design.

Fox Series

Fox 3-SeaterVelvet Coll. Olive

Fox Marble Coffee Table

LongBlack Marble

Fox Marble Coffee Table

RoundBlack Marble
Timeless Fox 3-Seater in Velvet Coll. Olive in Paris Apartment - 366 Concept Photo shoot
Le Ballu hotel restaurant in Paris in mid-century style with 366 Metal Armchair: details

366 Metal Armchair

Velvet Coll. OliveGold Gloss
Fox Bench in the hallway in Parisian apartment: arrangement

Fox Bench

Velvet Coll. OliveWood 03

Mustard yellow is a particularly great choice when used in combination with various shades of taupe and darker shades of beige, also with colours such as grey, black and indigo. These darker and more neutral colours combine really well with mustard, creating a comfortable and relaxing environment, and at the same time bringing some energy, style and elegance. This colour perfectly fits the Mid-Century style.

366 Rocking Chair in Coco Mustard fabric on Rose&Grey photoshoot

366 Rocking Chair

366 Rocking ChairLoft Coll. Mustard
Retro apartament in warm colours with 366 Metal Armchair Fox Sofa 3-Seater

Fox Series

Fox 3-SeaterShine Velvet Coll. Mustard

This season is full of warm colours – one of them is slightly saturated orange, like Mandarin. Yellows, Blues, and Purples go well with that hue. These palettes are usually cheery and lively. Mandarin also makes a lovely accent when combined with Grey and Creams, creating a more conservative and elegant look.

Timeless 366 Metal Armchair in Paris Apartment - 366 Concept Photo shoot

366 Series

366 Metal ArmchairVelvet Coll. Sierra
Timeless Fox 3-Seater in Velvet Coll. Sierra in Paris Apartment - 366 Concept Photo shoot

Fox Series

Fox 3-SeaterVelvet Coll. Sierra

Not only warm colours are on top this season. Indigo is the colour of devotion, wisdom, justice, and higher knowledge. Tied to intuition and to what is not seen, it is also considered spiritual. It goes well with a wide range of colours. It could form a winter-inspired palette alongside deep reds, or be brightened next to hues such as Oranges and Pink. The combination of Yellow and Indigo is striking and reminiscent of the night sky. Indigo looks great next to olive Green, which is its complementary colour on the colour wheel, and works well alongside analogous shades of Blue and deep Purples.

200-190 Chair in Velvet Coll. Indigo in Hotel Amour in Paris: photo shoot

200-190 Series

200-190 ChairVelvet Coll. Indigo
200-190 Chair in Velvet Coll. Indigo in Hotel Amour restaurant in Paris: photo shoot

200-190 Series

200-190 ChairVelvet Coll. Indigo

Creme colours are the safest pick for any palette. They match any other shades, but they suit ideally muffled colours. The best tip for matching creme/beige is to care about the texture. Playing with the structure using this hue will result in fine compositions.
Sand is classic. This shade of beige will be suitable for every formal situation. It’s the best alternative to black and white.

Marieta Zukowska sitting on Fox 3-Seater in Cord Coll. Creme

Marieta Żukowska

Fox 3-SeaterCord Coll. Creme

Fox Series

Fox 3-SeaterCord Coll. Creme

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