We plant the first 1000 trees!

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366Concept OneTree Program - We plant the first 1000 trees!

The more Chairs, the more Trees…


Poland is a country of beautiful forests and great furniture, the ideal setting for timeless design. Our goal is to bring together the wisdom of nature with human creativity, creating products able to withstand the test of time and the onslaught of momentary fashions. That’s the essence of the 366 Concept.

366 Concept is a company rooted in our relationship with nature. We love the woods and their intoxicating scent, always striving to give back more than we take. Therefore, every time you click “buy”, we set out to plant a new tree. For future generations.

In September 2017, we have teamed up with Klub Gaja, the official partner of UNESCO’s campaign to plant a billion trees worldwide. Gaja has already planted over 840,000 trees throughout Poland, including the first 1,000 sponsored by 366 Concept. Next planting this spring. The countdown is on, one tree at a time:)

Klub Gaja Logo - We plant the first 1000 trees!

Additional info: Trees are planted in places consulted and indicated by forest inspectorates of various municipalities throughout Poland. These are places where for various reasons (including climatic events or related to human activities) the trees have been destroyed. Such places include, among others: areas along highways or other big infrastructure investments, municipal parks and squares, national parks.

Trees of various species are planted, adapted to the needs of a given place, in proportions recommended by specialists: ecologists and foresters.

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Poster by Zofia Lasocka