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366 Concept close


It is said that man is by nature a creative being. That is why nothing inspires us more than real stories and real interiors! We are happy to visit your homes to get to know your view and vision of the art of interior decoration. Today we look at three kitchens in three different countries.


My name is Natalia Kopiszka and I live in Warsaw. For 6 years I have been designing jewelry for my KOPI brand, and recently I also started creating home accessories such as candles, vases, lamps, and tables. I have to add fashion to the jewelry and design set. Quite simply: I love clothes! Connecting these three worlds has always brought me a lot of inspiration.

For a long time, my attention has been drawn to the 1970s, both in terms of fashion inspiration and interior design. Rounded shapes, colors, "space-age" forms - these fashionable elements from 50 years ago can be found in my living room and other spaces. I wanted every element in the house to have a soul. I looked for furniture and decorations in various ways, avoiding shopping in large chain stores. Here I have vintage gems, contemporary furniture from completely unknown Polish producers, or second-hand used items bought online. The Bar Stool is one of the last pieces of furniture in my living room, and now I can't imagine it wasn't there before! My guests sit in it a lot and I wonder if I should have another one. In my mind, the table was supposed to be a place where I would spend time with my friends, but nothing verifies plans as much as reality. I love the material with which the Bar Stool is finished - it's Boucle fabric with a distinct texture. Its color also works great even in the kitchen. It's not ironic, it's just that this fabric doesn't absorb dirt or liquids easily.

"In my mind, the table was supposed to be a place where I would spend time with my friends, but nothing verifies plans as much as reality."

200-190 Bar Stools in Boucle Coll. - Creme and Wood 03


My name is Julien, I am 36 years old and I live near Annecy, France. I studied interior design in Nice, and today I am painting and decorating. I like to combine styles and create natural arrangements with them - after all, the mixing of eras is something completely natural.

For me, the kitchen is a very important room in the house. I wanted to make it a center of family life in which everyone could feel good. Therefore, it has a classic and chic style with a modern twist. The 366 Concept stools perfectly emphasize both the classic and the modern, introducing a chic retro style. The wood detail adds warmth and corresponds to the shelves and top of the island. The blue fabric refers to the color code throughout the house: beige, blue and wood. I love the 366 Concept chairs for their simple yet sophisticated style. Their retro but timeless nature and comfort. A chair is certainly the most complicated item to design, but this model is perfect and suits any interior style.

"The house I live in comes from 1900 and I wanted to keep its classic character. And of course, I wanted to add something new from myself!"

200-190 Bar Stools S in Tweed Coll. - Mentos and Wood 03


My name is Anne-Mieke Wolleswinkel, I am a mother of two teenagers and I live with them and my husband in Veenendaal - a beautiful wooded spot in the middle of the Netherlands. I work in a design company, mainly furniture, and I am responsible for all online matters, such as an online store or social media. Among my hobbies, I must mention cooking, gardening, interior design, and long walks in the woods.

Simplicity is the slogan that distinguishes my favorite styles: Scandinavian, retro, and industrial. The love for all of them can be easily noticed in the interior of our new home, where the four of us have been living for 5 months. Finishing the interior, I focused on timelessness - we have beautiful wooden floors and neutral wall colors. In addition to style, I was also guided by ecology and that the things I buy are sustainable and of high quality. Timelessness and sustainability (also ecological) are what best suits me and defines me. The 200-190 Bar Stools, which add warmth to the kitchen, stand out in this rather ascetic interior. I love them for brass details and comfort. Next to the Bar Stools, I always put fresh flowers on the island's kitchen counter, which also enlivens the interior. This corner is my favorite place in the house and I often eat breakfast there.

"This corner is my favorite place in the house and I often eat breakfast there."

200-190 Bar Stools S in Loft Coll. - Grey and Wood 03


200-190 Bar Stool Mix S

Beige Coll. - Beige

200-190 Bar Stool S

Velvet Coll. - Red Brick

200-190 Bar Stool M

Loft Coll. - Mustard

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